10 Car emergency essentials

Whether your car gets a flat battery or breaks down on the side of the road, here are some things you always need to keep with you in the car. Check out our list of 10 essentials to have on hand in any scenario.


  1. First aid kit: Every car needs a first aid kit. You can buy a fully packed kit from a reputable outlet, or assemble your own. We suggest you keep one in your car in case of an accident or emergency. Also keep the details of an ambulance or rescue service close-by or in the kit in case you need it.
  2. Spare Tyre, Tyre Jack and Wheel Spanner: Every car should come with a spare tyre, tyre jack and wheel spanner, but not everyone knows how to change a flat. You could drive in anytime at Kwik Fit Northcliff and ask us to show you where your spare is located, how to use the equipment and how to change your tyre (and no…we won’t think it is a silly question). Always check that these tools are in your car and that the spare is inflated sufficiently before travelling.
  3. Jumper cables: Always keep jumper cables in your car, especially in the cooler seasons where car batteries tend to become slightly temperamental. Alternatively, you can invest in a portable battery charger, which can make sure you get enough charge to get to Kwik Fit Northcliff or your closest replacement centre.
  4. Your car’s manual: Make sure to never lose or throw out your car’s manual. Keep it safe in your cubbyhole for reference when you are not sure what that “little light” means.
  5. Car repair information: Your local dealership, auto mechanic or towing service numbers are always essential. Keep them in your car’s manual, or save the numbers on your phone.
  6. Fire extinguisher: For that unforeseen moment your car or a fellow motorists’ car catch fire due to a leakage. A fire extinguisher can help prevent a tragedy.
  7. A flashlight: Breakdowns don’t always happen during the day. From checking an engine’s nooks and crannies to providing light for fellow travelers, a flashlight can be a lifesaver.
  8. A reflective triangle: Not only is it compulsory to have one in your car in South Africa, but it’s absolutely necessary for safety in case of breaking down on the side of the road to increase your car’s visibility to other motorists.
  9. Tow Rope: Should you get stuck next to the road and can’t find an available tow truck, a tow rope will come in handy if a kind fellow motorist is willing to tow you to the closest garage.
  10. Notebook and pencil: Always keep a pencil and notebook in your car. You never know when you will need to take down someone’s details or give yours out.

These are by no means all the items needed in a car, but they may help you when you are stuck in an emergency, like a broken down car, or come across an accident.

Sourced from aa.co.za