Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

We can assist with your vehicle’s wheel alignment in a jiffy. With our latest 3D alignment machine you can rest assured that the alignment will be set properly.



Why regular inspections?

Having an inspection can seem like you’re asking for trouble. But this simple step is critical to making decisions about the best care for your vehicle.





Regularly servicing your car can make the difference between it running smoothly and fuel efficiently, and the risk of it breaking down and incurring an expensive and unexpected repair.


– We repair all makes of vehicles specialising in VW and Audi

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– Wheel Alignment 


Wheel alignment is critical to the lifespan of your tyres as well as the stability of your vehicle on the road. Our qualified technicians can asses your wheel alignment and give you professional advice.

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– Kwik Fit Northcliff’s new and improved equipment to better our services to our clients!

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What our customers are saying

Anthony O’ Connor

For older vehicles no longer supported by dealer warranty

or maintenance contract, I have always experienced good

service, help and advice.

Michelle Hawkins

Always a pleasure working with them. Professional, fair and affordable service

Kaylin Claude Pillay

I took my car in for balancing and alignment. They had a lovely deal for first time customers which made them cheaper than all competitors by a long way. Staff are super friendly and welcoming. They were always willing to help even to test my battery without me even asking. Highly recommended

Manish Makanjee

Service was good. Service agent came to the car. Did not have to walk in to ask for service…explanation was given about tyre and the puncture